Liquid soap for hands and face

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Natural Beauty RecommendedNatural Beauty Recommended: The delicate liquid soap with goat’s milk meets the needs of all skin types, helping them to find the right hydrolipidic balance, thanks to the normalizing and acidifying properties of lactic acid. We have enriched it with millefiori honey, rich in trace elements, with precious softening, moisturizing and emollient properties.

Our liquid soap based on natural ingredients protects and cleanses in an extremely delicate way, respecting the physiological pH of the skin.

Some traditional soaps are an enemy of the skin as they tend to dry it excessively. It is therefore necessary to use a detergent that not only respects the pH of the skin, but helps to restore it.

The constant use of this liquid soap will keep your skin clean, hydrated and delicately scented.

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How to use?

Spread the liquid soap on the damp skin, rub gently, then rinse with warm water and dab gently to dry. The skin will be clean and toned. Apply the desired cream to your face and hands.


Bottle with 300 ml PE dispenser

Biofunctional substances

✓ fresh goat's milk from our farm
✓ lactic acid
✓ millefiori honey


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