Goat milk shower bath

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Natural Beauty Recommended Organic Beauty RecommendedNatural Beauty Recommended, Organic Beauty Recommended Our delicate bath shower gel is enriched with precious goat’s milk (rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins A and E). It is formulated with the best natural surfactants.

We have added natural ingredients such as organic aloe, calendula extract and lactic acid to ensure a pleasant feeling of hydration and nourishment, which will make your skin soft, nourished and velvety.

This shower, nourishing and emollient, is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and irritated. It can also be used on the most delicate skin, like that of children.

The natural active ingredients contained in this cleanser have a remarkable moisturizing effect on the skin, preventing any annoying sensation of dryness.

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How to use?

During the shower, distribute the shower gel bath on the damp skin and rub gently. If you prefer to bathe in the bathtub, you will need to dissolve it in the water of the bath and soak it, then rinse with warm water and dry yourself by gently dabbing the skin. After showering or bathing, apply the preferred body cream.


200 ml PEHD bottle

Biofunctional substances

✓ fresh goat's milk from our farm
✓ BIO organic aloe
✓ Organic agriculture calendula
✓ lactic acid


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